XCOM 2 Review – A Top-Notch Strategy Game

  • February 24, 2021

As a strategy game, XCOM 2 takes the most innovative steps forward yet in the saga of this groundbreaking series. For the first time, the tactical combat has been brought down to its most basic level, and that means that each unit is dispatched in smaller numbers and is able to escape the battle more quickly. It’s fast-paced, frantic and very effective.

The strategy in XCOM 2 is pretty simple. You have to use resources and enemy AI to turn the tide of battle. You also have to decide what you’re going to use. Choosing from the wide variety of upgrades and weapons can be tough, so make sure you keep an eye on your stocks.

Overall, XCOM 2 has a lot of different things going for it. If you’re a fan of the previous games and are looking for a refreshing change of pace, then XCOM 2 is the perfect game for you.

The game’s goal is for each team goals to be to kill as many aliens as possible. In the original, this was only possible if they had access to a variety of different weapons and equipment. That has now been changed to ensure that you need not ever be without any tools at all.

XCOM 2 uses, both tactical and strategic elements to make up for the lack of customization. There are different types of aliens, and they’ll attack your base if you let them in. Enemy units will move into your base and then ambush you, as well as trying to get into your walls and get inside to blow them up.

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The best way to ensure that you have an advantage is to be able to fight back and fight to win. If your reinforcements arrive and you’ve no weapons, the problem won’t be solved. By having a variety of weapons and the best knowledge of which is what, you’ll always be a step ahead of the game.

When you play online against other players, you will find that you have much more choice of how you play because you control every aspect of the game, including when you send your troops in and how you control what your troops do. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable game, but also allows you to play a smarter game by taking advantage of the knowledge of the other players that you’ll have the advantage.

XCOM 2 is the most comprehensive strategy game to come out in a long time. It offers a wealth of possibilities, though some of them may be more subtle than others. No matter what style of game you’re looking for, this one has it all.

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