Age of Empires Strategy Game

  • February 18, 2021

Strategy games are best suited for large groups of people. Why? It’s because the strategy game requires the players to work together as a team. It takes time, and lots of effort, to be able to compete with other teams.

In a strategy game, each player is working towards a goal. This goal could be destroying or capturing the opposing team’s base. These two goals may require a different kind of strategy depending on which type of game you are playing. These three types of strategy are: offense, defense, and attrition.

In the offense, there is a specific type of player that will try to capture the base while at the same time capturing the people in the base as well. It doesn’t matter whether the person going for the base is an attacker or defender. The only difference between these two players is their strengths.


Defense strategy is the most common form of strategy game played. It involves working with a certain set of people to help protect your home from being taken by another group. Typically, the defending team has other people on it who will help defend the base. They do this in different ways; some of them using a different kind of strategy than the one being used to take the base.

For instance, in defense strategy, the defenders may be just defending one particular building or piece of land. They do this by making a barricade around it. They may also spend resources to make reinforcements for the defense. At any given point, if the attack is losing, they may run into a few people from the defending team to help them get reinforcements so that they can finish off the enemy.

The last type of strategy is called attrition strategy. In this type of strategy game, the defending team has a certain piece of land and the enemy has occupied it for some period of time. When this happens, the only way for the defense to be successful in their mission is to gradually win over the enemy until they are able to get to the enemy’s base.

Age of Empires is one of the best strategy games for a team game. It is used in almost every team game that involves a variety of people. Also, it can be very effective when used as a means of teaching and learning the strategies and art of warfare.

Being a strategy game, Age of Empires can be very difficult to get started. The best strategy games are the ones that can be taught to someone easily.

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